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McCardle's Supporting Renewable Energy

McCardle's Storage and Express has been supporting renewable energy in ethanol production for over 15 years now. McCardle's cold storage and dry storage warehouse allows for multiple temperature controlled spaces, protecting the most temperature sensitive products. It is not common for warehouses to have ambient, cooler and freezer storage, this allows McCardle's to stand out among competitors and provide any temperature necessary to keep product safe.

Through our customers we store and deliver enzymes and yeast that are a vital ingredient in the production of ethanol. Being located in the center of the county, in Omaha, NE allows for excellent logistical service for ethanol plants that are primarily located in the Midwest. It is common for plants to need products immediately to keep production running. Having a warehouse and trucking company allows for McCardle's to be in control of the entire logistical process, making expedited shipments a breeze. This means McCardle's is able to service almost every ethanol plant in the Midwest same day, and keep these crucial facilities running.

Ethanol is used as an additive in fuel, and is a driving force for crop production in the Midwest. If you fuel with ethanol it is likely that McCardle's took part in the supply chain to keep your vehicle running on renewable energy.

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